Do Mufflers Go Bad?

When people think about all the things that can break on a vehicle, a muffler is definitely not on the top of the list. Do Mufflers Go Bad? In short, Yes Mufflers Go Bad. The lifespan of a muffler is typically between 5 and 7 years. Mufflers mainly serve two functions: Reduce exhaust system noise [...]

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Texting and Driving

Is Texting and Driving Legal? There are a lot of rumors about the laws surrounding Texting and Driving. We have all heard peoples' interpretations and opinions of what is okay to do. For example, if you are stopped at a red light, it's okay to text or holding the phone on the steering wheel and [...]

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Sound Advice

What does high performance sound like? Sound depends on the muffler. The sound of high performance muffler can be anything from a low, throaty growl to an ear-splitting roar. The perfect muffler will deliver just the right growl, roar, or rumble to push your vehicle’s performance and appearance. This is why it important to choose the right [...]

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5 Things That Will Ruin Your Vehicle’s Paint

5 Things That Will Ruin Your Vehicle's Paint There are a lot of things that can ruin your car or truck's paint. Here are the top most common things that you can look for to help protect your paint. You probably do not think of your car's paint as a part of your car maintenance; however, [...]

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Top 10 Truck Accessories

Top 10 Truck Accessories Pickup trucks are one of the best vehicles to own. There is simply nothing like a good truck. Something about a truck just says strength, power, and stamina. They are strong both off and on the road and are great for towing just about anything. Pickup trucks usually come with their [...]

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Magnaflow Performance Mufflers

At the Supreme Muffler Shop, we believe in providing quality products that will last and perform. One of the brands that we use is the Magnaflow Performance Mufflers. Magnaflow is known for its Quality, Power, and Sound. It was born from a natural desire to build products of the highest quality and performance. The Magnaflow [...]

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What Makes A Good Mechanic?

What Makes A Good Mechanic? A good mechanic is not always the easiest person to find because it not only takes skill it also takes a lot of experience. A Mechanic can be a car owner's best friend or worst nightmare. Most of the time, people only search out a mechanic if they have a [...]

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Bully Dog Jeep

Bully Dog Jeep You just got a fully loaded jeep with lots of cool features. You're excited to get it out on the Spillway and test them all out. But, you want more....you demand a lot from your vehicle. Whether your Jeep needs power or more flexibility to really fly through the mud off-roading, there [...]

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Towing Basics

Towing Basics If you have never towed a trailer, you may be some what reluctant to even give it a try. You may think it is just easier to call a friend. No matter what you decide to try to tow, your vehicle will become heavier, slower and will require a greater stopping distance. But, [...]

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The Last Bed Cover You’ll Buy!

The Last Bed Cover You'll Buy! At The Supreme Muffler Shop, we believe in offering top quality products that will last and one product that we really like is the RetraxOne retractable pickup bed cover. This will be The Last Bed Cover You'll Buy! The low-profile design incorporates a front cover that is flush with the truck bed [...]

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