We are independently owned and operated.

was founded by Melvin Dugas in 1971.

Melvin did not begin his career in the automotive industry but as a New Orleans police officer. His passion and knowledge of the mechanics and parts of vehicles began while working with his father-in-law John Rodasta, who was the owner of Late Model Auto Parts and a new car dealership called Rodasta Motors. John Rodasta did well with his auto parts and new car business, but then he noticed that he was selling a lot of mufflers for vehicles.


Seeing the demand, he opened up a WHILE YOU WAIT MUFFLER SHOP.

This would lead John and some out of town friends to be the founders of Midas Muffler. While John and Melvin worked together in the muffler shop, Melvin realized that there was a need for a wholesale muffler shop. They envisioned that this wholesale muffler shop would work with new car dealerships, auto repair shops, and fleet accounts. Thus, in 1971, Melvin along with his son Jay opened The Supreme Muffler Shop. Jay and his wife Renee would run the shop until the early 1990′s when they turned the shop over to the next generation who was their son, John.